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AdSense Niches Exposed

If you want to earn big with AdSense, you must first know how AdSense niches are exposed in the Google search engine. Niches being exposed means that there are already ads in front of your chosen keywords. These ads are usually related to the content of your chosen keyword. With Google’s latest update, some of these AdSense niches were exposed, and some were removed.

Let me explain what has happened with the AdSense niches exposed and the reason why these were removed.

The AdSense program was launched a few years ago. Millions of ads from various companies were placed on every website.

It was a great idea because most web admins or Internet marketers wanted to monetize their traffic.

They didn’t care about the competition because they already had a considerable source of pre-qualified traffic.

The problem with this is that if you didn’t have a profitable niche, the number of clicks would not be that high.

Even though Google improved how ads are displayed, web admins and Internet marketers are still stuck on this.

They realized that the more ads they display, the more clicks they will generate, but the fewer potential niches they will cover.

It is as if someone has taken all the information about every keyword in the world and combined it into one tiny region.

This means that no matter how unique and exciting your niche is, you won’t have many prospects in that area.

So the Google AdSense program decided to make some changes so that there would be a better display of ads in front of potential niches.

But instead of changing the ads in front of the target market, they banned some ads from showing up at all.

This effectively cut off the supply of potential adverse niches exposed to you.

This doesn’t mean that your entire list will disappear because there is always someone still looking for an AdSense site to promote.

Now, instead of just cutting off potential prospects, they have taken a step that will improve your business.

What they do is create what is called a private database.

They have websites that are linked to by a specific link.

Each time someone clicks on that link, they will be taken to that specific website.

They can look through the private database for AdSense niches, keywords, and phrases that will show up in the list of AdSense ads along with the associated demographics and other information.

There is a great advantage to having access to a private database.

Instead of guessing what ads will sell and how much they will generate, you can get a better idea of the actual performance of your AdSense ads.

For example, if you see that one AdSense keyword is raking in a high amount of click-throughs but a low potential niche, chances are it is not generating high amounts of AdSense income.

On the other hand, if you see that keyword being used in several different ads, you may have found a high-paying AdSense niche that you can exploit.

This is the beauty of CPC advertising: you can target specific demographics to get the most out of your ads.

You will also gain valuable insight into the number of searches performed for each keyword directly related to your AdSense income.

When you run your own CPC campaign for your AdSense ads using private databases, you will also gain valuable insight into which ads are bringing in the most clicks.

Notice that certain ads, such as your garage sale product ads or eBooks, perform below expectations.

You can make changes immediately to improve their performance.

This is similar to the way an affiliate marketer would make changes to their website’s design.

By monitoring which keywords and AdSense niches are generating the most traffic, you will make minor tweaks to increase your AdSense income.

Using the information gained from your private CPA networks will also allow you to create custom reports for further tracking.

Many marketers use estimated APC and ad sense rates from their private databases.

The information from these sources will give you a more precise picture of which ads and keywords are bringing in the most money.

You will also be able to monitor which keywords and AdSense niches are generating the most traffic so that you can make adjustments to your campaigns accordingly.

Private databases, along with complete AdSense accounts, should be an integral part of your overall AdSense marketing strategy.

AdSense Niches Exposed

AdSense Niches Exposed

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