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Learning how to price photography is a very important step for any photographer. And it’s something that should be considered even before you begin to take any photographs. The key to making money with digital photography is knowing how to price your photos correctly. It’s the secret to turning a profit selling images online.

Digital photography rates per hour are different than regular photography rates per image. Traditional photography rates per photo are based on what your entire picture package cost including labor. Digital photography rates per hour are based only on the unit price of each image. And many photographers are yet to make the most of this incredible power of the hour.

So how do you approach commercial photography pricing? You could decide to shoot one image for a few cents each. That may not seem like much money, but when you factor in how many images you will have to shoot for that one dollar per image, you could easily rack up thousands of dollars over the course of a year! Your one image could earn you six or more dollars per image.

This is what’s known as “pay per sale” pricing. And it’s the way many photographers make their bread and butter. You may have heard of product photography pricing. Product photography is where you charge a fee for the right to print a product image of someone else’s product.

Freelance photography is a special part of this freelance photography industry. But in order to really succeed in this business you must know how to price photography professionally. Pricing models strictly by time and effort rather than cost, or price based on a percentage of sales is a key way to increase your bottom line quickly and with a lot of confidence. But there are other methods you can use to successfully price your images.

Many amateurs charge by the image. That’s fine if you need an extra buck or two, but if you want to make a living as a freelance photographer, you will want to learn how to price your photography according to demand. How to find out what people want and how to price your photography accordingly is the secret to cashing in on the photography industry. It all starts by learning how to use a pricing model to figure out how much you should charge for a particular image and then how to adjust your pricing model accordingly to match the demand for that image.

For instance, an hour-long session at a studio is going to cost much less than a half-hour shot at home. So if you charge $100 for an hour of photography, you need to charge that price for all hours of photography. The rule of thumb is to price your sessions based on how many images you will take in one hour. That assumes you can get your subjects to pose for the camera and you have them at your disposal to cooperate. Most amateur photographers typically don’t have the equipment to do a great deal more than a single photo in an hour. So, they price their sessions at the rate of one picture per hour.

Professional photographers charge much higher rates based on the demand for their work. This includes not only the amount of time they need to charge per photo, but the amount of time their subjects will be available to pose for the camera. Established photographers charge hundreds of dollars per hour for high-quality images. But, the high prices of these photos aren’t necessarily reflective of their quality, since they are usually taken by amateurs.

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