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What is a Backlink Watch?

Backlink Watch is an online resource that enables you to check backlinks for absolutely free. It’ll even give you detailed statistics about any given URL you specify in its search engine. 

It gives data regarding the number and quality of backlinks your competitors or yourself have. 

And the best thing about Backlink Watch is that it can also provide you with helpful information on the amount of time it takes to get your backlinks approved.

Let’s talk about how Backlink Watch works. You can browse its results page and find various links which seem to be suspicious. 

When you hover your mouse over these links, you’ll get details like the IP addresses, the pages they link to, the anchor text used, and even the domain names they link to. 

You can click on each link to read more about it and decide if it’s worthy of submission. 

The free service is available for a limited time, so don’t try it during the height of your backlink-building campaign. 

This could cause your campaign to be blacklisted.

However, you might want to use Backlink Watch beyond the limited time it offers. 

So, what other helpful backlink checking tools does Backlink Watch possess? 

The tool checker helps you analyze backlinks concerning your target domain. 

You can use the tool to identify relevant domains within your niche and help you gain more backlinks.

Another valuable feature of the backlink watch is its nofollow tag analyzer. 

Using this feature, you’ll be able to determine which anchor text you should include when building your backlinks.

A backlink watch doesn’t just monitor the anchor text used to connect back to your website. 

It also looks at the domain itself and determines if it’s appropriate to link back to that domain or not.

James Jones created this tool to make backlink checking much more accessible for internet marketers. 

It works by using Google’s Page Rank and other factors to determine whether a site is relevant and helpful to others. 

It can quickly identify whether other sites ranked highly for the exact keywords link back to your site. 

By using the tool, you’ll be able to monitor backlinks in real-time.

Some of the other features of backlink watch that you’ll find interesting are its HTML and XML backlink checker tools. 

The HTML checker helps identify quality backlinks by checking if the page has appropriate ‘authority (links from Google). 

Likewise, the XML backlink checker tool works by determining whether backlinks come from trusted sites or not. 

Using both tools, you’ll be able to determine the exact amount of backing from each site and improve the backlink quality.

Because backlink monitoring is an essential part of SEO, some people may wonder if they need a paid account to access backlink watch. 

The answer is ‘yes. 

Although the tool can be found for free on several sites, it is most certainly not recommended for those without much money to spare. 

Many successful internet marketers have purchased links from these programs and used them themselves without regret. 

You need to have a paid account to access backlink watch because you will need to input additional data into the program, which requires an in-depth knowledge of the different backlink analysis tool genres.

One more feature you might be interested in when looking for a backlink watch is the ability to choose various filters. 

Among the most popular are:

  • The total number of pages in the directory that the anchor text comes from.
  • The total number of sites linked to this page.
  • The average search engine result page rank (SERP) of each site.

There is also a backlink watch option that allows you to see which sites have been excluded. 

To remove these sites, you select them from a drop-down menu, and they will be removed from your backlink watch report. 

You can also view the anchor text used by other webmasters in the same directory as you and get a detailed overview of the links that each page in your site has received.

What is a Backlink Watch?

What is a Backlink Watch?

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